Activegel - hydrophilic implant

Activegel hydrophilic implant

An innovative product of the beauty industry is ActiveGel hydrophilic implants, a sterile injection implant widely used in plastic, reconstructive surgery around the world. It is able to eliminate various defects, restore shape, give natural volumes to soft tissues. Unique scientific development allows you to solve many different problems. Drug quality, amazing results, lasting the effect is confirmed not only by numerous clinical studies, but also by successful application of ActiveGel hydrophilic implants in practice.

ActiveGel is made from special synthetic materials of a new generation with a high level of purification. In the composition there are no substances of animal origin, genetically modified components. All ActiveGel products are under sterile laboratory conditions during manufacturing, the final stage of production includes a special type of sterilization - autoclaving.

The high efficiency of the procedure of mammaplasty, contour plasty of the face, neck, body is due to the fact that the drug is not absorbed after administration. The high level of biocompatibility helps to reduce the risk of side effects and complications. After the procedure, the breast takes the desired shape, size, which is stored for a long time.

The use of ActiveGel is very simple, after the session no long hospitalization is required, there are no combat sensations and discomfort. Purified synthetic materials, unique structure ensure full compatibility with the body. The safety of the ingredients in the composition is confirmed not only by 12 years of successful use, but also by the certificate DSTU ISO 10993.

Contour correction
with ACTIVEGEL hydrophilic gel

Time is the inexorable enemy of youth and beauty. The modern woman can withstand the pernicious influence of time; forget about the long time about age problems. Plastic surgery of the face and neck includes the elimination of age-related, facial wrinkles on the forehead, in the area between the eyebrows, the elimination of nasolabial folds and the effects of scleroderma. It is used for the correction, selection, corner of the lips, eliminates scars, scars arising from the accumulation of wounds. Breast plastics are used to eliminate soft tissue defects, breast reconstruction, increase the volume of the bust, correction of the form, an increase in the volume of the buttocks. All men and women, regardless of age, position in society. ActiveGel not only effectively fights with age-related changes, but also eliminates the consequences of surgical intervention, which allows to achieve the highest possible aesthetic effect.

Activegelel applications

The production of Activegelel is aimed at improving the result of plastic, cosmetic surgery. All procedures associated with the use of this innovative tool do not cause any harm to health, well-being, regain confidence, give positive emotions, return youth, natural beauty, freshness of young years. Any part of the skin, after the introduction of the drug, miraculously transformed, saturated with nutrients, life-giving moisture, is restored. Activegelel is used in the procedures for adjusting the face in children, since the substances in the composition do not retard the development of the facial skeleton, do not hinder the growth and proper formation of bones as they mature. The child will be spared from complexes caused by defects in appearance.

The substance is used not only in cosmetology. Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Seymivsky D. A., practicing in the field of pediatric urology, developed a method to eliminate the pathology - vesicoureteral reflux in children. Professor D. Myasoedov. V. Developed a method for using ActiveGel as a form-modeling base (prosthesis) in the field of mastectomy in oncology. Their structure does not change during radiation therapy, they can be saturated, if necessary, with antibiotics, antiseptics. Neurosurgeon, MD, Professor Pedachenko E. G uses Activegelel as an implant after the removal of intervertebral hernias for the prevention of cicatricial-adherent epiduritis. With strict adherence to the technique of using the drug, you can achieve an amazing result.