Activegel - hydrophilic implant

Activegel applications

Activegel is a modern universal remedy with a unique composition used in cosmetology, plastic surgery and in many other areas of medicine. The tremendous efficiency of application in the field of cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular around the world. The gel helps to relieve patients from age-related, mimic wrinkles, with the help of this product, chin lines, cheekbones, nasolabial triangle are corrected. ACTIVGEL removes various skin lesions - scars, chronic scars.

ACTIVGEL offers the realization of the dream of the fair sex of a gorgeous bust. The product is widely used in breast surgery - prostheses are made from it, the characteristics of which are much higher than silicone implants. Deformity in the mammary glands after the procedure is minimized.

Filler gel helps to give the desired shape. AQUALIFT is a real salvation for many patients who have undergone restorative medicine courses.

Facial contour

Saving youth, beauty is a matter of honor for every real woman. AQUALIFT Filler is a highly effective anti-aging agent. The innovative formula of the product contributes to its wide use during the removal of wrinkles (facial, age) in the forehead, eyebrow area, correction of chin lines, corners of the lips, correction of cheekbones, lip augmentation. The substance is successfully used in the fight against scleroderma, to remove scars caused by the accumulation of pus in wounds.

Breast surgery

Over time, the elasticity, the shape of the breast is lost, deformations occur due to past traumas, operations, the mammary glands sag after feeding the baby. Activegel helps to restore its former beauty without expensive surgeries. A woman will once again turn into an object of adoration of the opposite sex, will return self-confidence, and will feel seductive, happy. The drug ACTIVGEL is used to eliminate deformities, defects, reconstruction of breast soft tissues, and increase its volume.

Body contour

It is very simple to return the skin elasticity, fit with the drug ACTIVGEL. Non-invasive contour plastic allows not only the correction of the shape, but also to eliminate various age-related defects, injuries, increase the volume of the buttocks. Activegel gives the opportunity to restore the former beauty at any age without significant costs, side effects. The skin gains elasticity lost with age. The special formula allows you to remain attractive at any age.