Activegel - hydrophilic implant

Non-surgical enlargement of the buttocks using Activegel filler

    Non-surgical enlargement of the buttocks using Activegel filler

Nowadays, with the help of the innovative drug Activegel, it is quite simple and inexpensive to achieve ideal, seductive forms. Buttocks enlargement with the use of this substance unique in its composition does not require radical surgical intervention, prolonged hospitalization, recovery. You can not only increase the volume, give the desired shape, but also eliminate defects, age-related changes.

After the procedure, which does not require much financial expenditure, soft tissue damage disappears, plus the whole contour plastic of the buttocks positively affects the condition of the skin - it returns elasticity and silkiness. A woman can once again flaunt in revealing outfits, chain eyes on the beach, enjoy the returning ideal forms.

Benefits of increasing priests with Activegel

Any, even the smallest surgical intervention can cause complications. Non-surgical enlargement of the buttocks does not cause any health problems, it is performed on an outpatient basis. The products have successfully passed numerous clinical studies that confirmed its high performance, the absence of side effects. The most important thing is to follow all the rules and standards of hygiene during the introduction of the substance.

The result persists over a long period - from five years or more. The special structure of the gel allows you to achieve a natural, natural appearance - contour correction of the buttocks is completely invisible to others. The operation itself takes little time and after a couple of hours after its termination the patient can return to a full life.

Safe medicine Activegel

The special composition of Activegel, in which there are no elements of animal origin, guarantees a safe increase in the buttocks without side effects, allergic reactions, inflammation. The product is completely sterile - the production process is strictly controlled, and at the final stage sterilization is carried out using a special method - autoclaving. In other words - the possibility of the ingestion of pathogenic bacteria is completely excluded.

The ingredients used in production, are easily transferred by the body, do not cause rejection. Innovative biotechnology reduces to zero the risk of unpleasant consequences. To the manufacture of medical products impose very strict rules throughout the world. Aktivgel, widely used in cosmetology, plastic surgery, fully complies with the standards of quality and safety, which is confirmed by the certificate 3 DSTU ISO 10993.

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