Activegel - hydrophilic implant

Lip contour correction - Activegel

    Lip contour correction - Activegel

Currently, modern developments in the beauty industry have reached new heights - now lip augmentation with the help of innovative products is a safe, fast, affordable procedure. It is much easier to achieve perfection, get rid of age-related changes, various defects.

LLC "National Center for Medical Technologies" presented the beautiful half of mankind with a unique in its properties means - hydrophilic filler Activegel. For over 12 years, it has been successfully used in the field of cosmetology, plastic surgery. Reviews of doctors say that the filler does not cause any complications, but to achieve the necessary results with its help is incredibly simple.

Advantages of lip contouring with Activegel

Now lip augmentation does not require surgery and hospitalization. Activgel is absolutely safe for health - this is confirmed by numerous clinical studies, the successful experience of its use in many countries. Filler does not cause irritation, allergy, since it contains no elements of animal origin - only purified synthetic materials.

Lip contouring is performed on an outpatient basis - after the procedure you can immediately go home. Slight swelling subsides quickly. Corrections can be made at any time if the results are not satisfactory.

High-quality medical drug Activegel

It is impossible not to mention that the drug does not react with previously introduced means - face contour correction is possible after the use of other fillers. The products are 100% sterile, so that bacteria cannot get under the skin, provided that the hygiene standards during the manipulation are observed! The level of acidity does not allow the development of pathogens.

The active formula of Activegel provides a complete perception of the substance by the human body at the molecular level. The product is based on a special physiological safe solution, which is used even for intravenous injections. The quality certificate confirms full compliance with the requirements for medical products worldwide.

Beauty injections with the help of Activegel in Ukraine

Smooth facial wrinkles, hold lip augmentation, give them the necessary shape, the volume in Ukraine with the advent of the filler of a new generation is not difficult. It also performs contour correction of the neck and other parts of the body.

Even a healthy lifestyle, constant care for yourself will not save time from the influence of time. However, there is no reason for the disorder - body contour correction solves many problems, returns its former youth, beauty, and self-confidence. Looking in the mirror, the woman will always be in a great mood, and the surrounding people will be delighted with how fresh and young she looks


How to buy Activegel on our website?

Our company sells unique products Activegel throughout the country and abroad. You can contact us to order it in any way convenient for you - by phone, via email, or by visiting our office personally. We will help you to buy Activegel for facial plastic surgery and other parts of the body.

When purchasing an original product, you can not worry about its quality, safety, and the result from the application always meets the expectations and even exceeds them! With us beauty, youth will turn into your constant companions.