Activegel - hydrophilic implant

Activegel - Mammoplasty to buy the drug in Kiev 2019

    Activegel - Mammoplasty to buy the drug in Kiev 2019

At all times, the female bust has been a source of pride, but over time it can lose its attractive shape and then mammoplasty comes to the aid of the modern woman. If earlier this procedure was very expensive - only a few could afford it, but now everything has changed - the price has become very affordable.

Plus, the development of technologies gave the world a unique drug - Activegel, with which it became easier, faster, safer to give the desired volume, shape, eliminate age and other changes. In Ukraine, as in other countries, breast augmentation with this tool is very popular, which is not surprising, considering all its advantages.

Choice of a drug for breast augmentation in Ukraine

Depending on the situation, the specialist uses injections or implants. The first option is ideal when you need a slight increase, shape correction. Injections help to eliminate congenital asymmetry of the glands. Mammoplasty Kiev is performed using implants to increase the volume by several sizes.

At the core of injections, implants is an innovative gel, the structure of which removes defects, serious flaws resulting from surgical interventions. If a highly qualified specialist takes care of the matter, the patient may not be afraid of side effects - minor discomfort will disappear after a couple of days.

Benefits of our Activegel

The manufacturer has completely abandoned animal products, genetically modified organisms - it consists of purified synthetic components of a new generation that do not cause allergic reactions and inflammations. With this approach, safe breast augmentation has become a reality.

Specially created sterile conditions reduce to zero the risk of infections, provided that mammaplasty is carried out by a professional who observes the rules of hygiene. Clinical safety is confirmed by numerous studies, successful experience of use, certificate DSTU ISO 10993.

Activegel gel implants

The high biological compatibility of the product with the human body is the result of many years of development, as a result of which breast contour correction, an increase in its volume, the improvement of forms takes place quickly and painlessly. Hydrophilic gel in its structure is ideal for delicate, sensitive soft tissues. It blocks the development of inflammatory processes and other adverse reactions, such as allergies.

Mammoplasty without complications - what the manufacturers wanted to achieve, and they managed to do it 100%. Another feature is that the prosthesis is not afraid of radiation exposure, and if necessary, it is possible to inject an antibiotic, an antiseptic, inside.

How to purchase Activegel with delivery in Ukraine?

It doesn’t matter what goals you set for yourself - to increase the volume of the breast, to give them an ideal form, to eliminate various flaws - it’s enough to buy Activegel for breast reconstruction and existing problems are easily fixed. However, you should beware of fakes - for this you should purchase from the official representatives of the manufacturer.

In order to make an order, just contact with the representatives of our company. At the same time, the city of residence does not matter - we deliver the original products of Activegel throughout Ukraine, giving women a feeling of immense happiness, returning youth.