Activegel - hydrophilic implant

Brand renewal and change of the name Aqualift to ActivGel

    Brand renewal and change of the name Aqualift to ActivGel

For over 12 years, the National Center for Medical Technologies LLC has been producing an innovative tool used in the field of cosmetology, plastic surgery it is Aqualift. Injectable sterile hydrophilic implants of the brand are endowed with unique characteristics, thanks to which the product is popular in Asian countries, in the Far and Middle East, South America. In 2015, Aqualift was re-branded - products were manufactured under the ACTIVEGEL brand. By production own unique innovative technologies, developments are applied. This has helped to significantly improve the quality level of the drug, which fully meets the requirements for all products used in medicine.

Properties of hydrophilic implants

Currently, Aqua lifts advanced products are made from purified synthetic components, without using products of animal origin. A special formulation of a cosmetic product contains ingredients that meet the requirements of world - European, Asian, medical standards. Each production cycle is performed in the most sterile, aseptic conditions. The final stage is sterilization using an autoclave. Therefore, it can be argued that the drug Brazilian butt lift is one of the most biologically safe.

The composition of ACTIVGEL is 98% composed of sodium chloride solution - a substance that has a positive effect on many processes in the body. Thanks to this ActiveGel l has such amazing property:

  • Microcirculation at injection sites is normalized; the electrical potential of the skin improves;
  • Inert properties that make it possible to reintroduce the substance into the same area several times. Correction of soft tissue occurs in stages. The hydrogel does not conflict with the fillers introduced earlier;
  • Special acidic characteristics - pathogenic bacteria lose their ability to multiply in the specific environment created;
  • No irritation effect. You should not worry about the occurrence of allergic reactions during breast augmentation (breast augmentation) using Aqualift;
  • In the area of administration no inflammation, itching, rash are observed;
  • Even if the agent is injected in large volumes - 150-200 ml, it does not move, fragmentation does not occur, fibrous capsules.

In the field of cosmetology, Aqualift is widely used in small volumes. For these purposes, a special cosmetic line has been developed, where the amount of the substance does not exceed 4 milliliters. After some time, as a result of biodegradation, the drug is completely excreted from the body.