Activegel - hydrophilic implant

The results of using ACTIVEGEL in different countries

    The results of using ACTIVEGEL in different countries

The development of the new ActiveGel filler is a new, revolutionary stage of development in the field of plastic surgery, cosmetologists. The product is classified as a universal drug, due to its unique characteristics. The implant is able to minimize the effect of oxidation of the body, because it contains positively charged particles.

Pathogenic bacteria lose their ability to reproduce in the created acidic environment. In other words, there is no risk of inflammatory processes after the procedure, and the postoperative period is uneventful. The advantages include absolute sterility, hypoallergenicity, the absence of GMOs, animal products.

Leading plastic surgeons in many countries are increasingly using this material in their practice. It can be used many times, because it does not interact with the previously administered drugs, does not fragment, and does not move to other areas.

For many years ACTIVEGEL has been successfully used by plastic surgeons, cosmetologists in Asian countries - Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, and Malaysia. It is used in the countries of Latin and Central America as the basis for various cosmetic procedures. Manufacturers did not seek to advertise their product in post-Soviet countries, because they feared that the brand would be damaged.

But unfortunately this is what happened. The fact is that in order to conduct plastic correctly, using AQUALIFT; the doctor must have knowledge and experience. Not all doctors can do this, so the number of negative reviews about the drug is increasing. Despite this, the number of cosmetic surgeons who successfully use the drug in their work is growing steadily, this is good news. Means for cosmetic use is packaged in special bottles in small quantities.

In the United Arab Emirates, the drug is in high demand. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity with its help return youth, beauty, and confidence in their attractiveness. The material eliminates the drawbacks of the figure, the deformation of soft tissues. A special gel-like structure, biologically compatible with the human body, the absence of complications under the condition of proper use, increases the demand for cosmetic ACTIVEGEL, which revolutionized contouring, plastic surgery, breast surgery.

Every woman, regardless of the country in which she lives, can feel the stunning effect of rejuvenation.